1. Accept The Challenge. 2. Implement The Training 3. Feel Confident & Prepared

Whether you are just getting started in the job or you are preparing for the academy, this training is for you!

Let's both be honest, there is nothing more embarrassing than fumbling all over yourself when trying to get your handcuffs out or being unsure exactly where the tools on your duty belt are when shit hits the fan.



This Challenge is designed to bring you from feeling unsure of yourself in uniform to confident and squared away!

Here is what it looks like:

  • Challenge 1: Feel Good In Your Uniform

  • Challenge 2: Master Your Duty Belt

  • Challenge 3: Handcuff Like a Boss

  • Challenge 4: Become One w/ Your Gun

  • Challenge 5: Survive the Street & Department Mindset

Every day you will receive an email from me with your challenge you must complete for that day.

There will be video trainings and a Facebook Group where you will be held accountable! ($199 value)

Cost: Only $27


-Randi 5 Day Challenge Alumni

Who Am I and Why Am I Teaching This?

Heyya fellow sister in blue!

My name is Autumn Clifford, I am a former full time officer. I was 20 years old when I got on the job and at 26 I was injured and taken out of full time patrol.

I was couch ridden for 6 months and told by my doctor that I could never work patrol again. I was devastated to say the least and had to reinvent myself as all I had ever planned to be is a police officer.

I began life coaching and have been doing so professionally for the last 8 years.

At 20 years old I had a ruined reputation, I didn't know what I was doing, no woman in law enforcement would help me and I had to figure it out all by myself.

And I did.

After a lot of pain and struggle, I figured it out and built my reputation back up, based on my work ethic.

Now, I work part time in a police agency, am an Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor and a full time Professional Coach and Speaker!

I am on a mission to develop confident women who feel respected in their careers. This training is everything I wish a female officer would have taught me!

Here are what some of the Challenge Alumni are saying:


  • You don't need to be a police officer to join this challenge. A future officer or a female first responder of any kind will benefit from this training!
  • You get to keep the trainings. I'm not taking them away after the 5 days are over.
  • The trainings are delivered via video inside of a membership site you will be granted access to upon signing up.
  • This training is only live every so often which means Autumn is active inside of the Facebook Group and will be answering all questions!

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